Monday, June 18, 2012

Indie's that are poorly written

You've seen them.

The good news is anyone can get their book published.
The bad news is anyone can get their book published.

So - how do we distinguish those who have paid the dues and learned the craft? And does it matter?

As writers, we are ruined for reading. We know too much and see all the glitches, head hopping, tags that would be better as beats, the long chunks of backstory and info dumps in the first chapter.

Do readers see these things?

I'm not sure to what extent. I confess, I never even noticed the ### or skipped space for scene breaks much less understand what one was before I took up writing. But now...

On Kindle, most books seem to have the LOOK option so you can read at least the first chapter. In that time, one should be able to see what the writing style is like and if it is readable.

But what I am asking, is how can we help each other?
And do authors want any help?

I would guess that most of us don't have $2000 + to hire editors.

The best thing we can do is get together and encourage one another and share helpful links.
And time if someone wants advice.

Here is something that has really helped me. Autocrit
This site will show you overused words, phrases, and cliches.  Very useful.

I encourage everyone to hone the craft of writing. Join critique groups whether online or find writers in your area. Search for a mentor. Just because you can publish your book, doesn't mean it is ready.
Join writers groups such American Christian Fiction Writers  -ACFW

Strive for excellence. (And I say this as one who has thrown in the perfectionist towel). Your book will never be perfect, but work to get it as good as you possibly can before hitting the publish button.

Let's work together to put out well written books.

Don't forget to check out Autocrit. You can try it out for free.

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