Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Liberty Belle is an Ebook

Liberty Belle on Amazon!

I managed to get the ebook up. Still have the print version to do. Shouldn't take long.

SO, what did I do?

One thing for sure is there is an information overload on putting a book on Kindle.

I may have gone through some extra steps. Not really sure.

Here are the steps I went through.

  1. Download the free book on Kindle on how to build a kindle book. This is the book I followed to get Liberty Belle safely in the Kindle.
  2. But before I did that - I nuked my manuscript. That is I hit the show/hide paragraph symbol and found all the extra spaces. I used JW Manus blog and her wonderful ebook helps
  3. Sent my manuscript to Notepad - that is the nuking part.
  4. Then followed the kindle book builder  Publish on Amazon
  5. For the cover, after much anguish and wondering just what were they talking about, I chose the large 72 DPI and used it. But first went into Ipiccy to resize the photo. And did what the book said and made the long side 2500 pixels. Don't ask me, but it worked.
  6. Then Kindle has a cool previewer. DO NOT worry that your sentences go from one end to the other without any edge. IT will look fine on the real kindle. Had to ask a friend about that one. Thought I had messed it up for sure.
  7. Now, I am reading thru on my kindle and marking any goofs in the manuscript I see and will fix the Print version manuscript before I upload it.
There you have it. Wasn't hard. 

Monday, May 21, 2012

Why Indie Pub?

The end of last year, I told my writing friends, "I'm going rogue and going to publish my books myself." Why the decision? Many reasons and prayer.

  • What an opportunity! No longer are writers relegated to the last resort of self-pub, but now we have the opportunity for a strong decision to Indie pub.  I am excited that another avenue has opened up for those who want their novels to be published in a timely fashion.
  • Time factor.  I can put my book out there now. And will the first of next month. The traditional route - I would have to get an agent. No guarantees they can sell my book. And if they do, it might be 2014 or 2015 before the book comes out. (Ok, I might be a bit impatient, but that is a long time based on ifs.)
  • I have put in my 'dues' and  have attended the last six ACFW writer's conferences and am thankful for all the valuable teaching and connections. My writing has definitely improved over that time.
  • I also attend weekly crit groups and am surrounded by great friends and mentors that push me to continue to better my writing.
  • Why did I not get an agent or contract? Hmm, not sure. My writing may not have been good enough for them. My books too long, or something in them that didn't quite fit the house. But one thing I know, it is in my heart, and probably always was, to go independent. 
  • I love my freedom. And I find it ironic that my first book - Liberty Belle - is about a woman who wants her freedom.
  • Money. Ugh, hate to admit it but I just can't see selling my book and making a pittance. I like the idea of retaining the rights to my book and making more per sale. Would I make more the traditional route? We will see. And I know that right now, my books won't be in the traditional book store. Those are the drawbacks. Plus I understand the publishers do a lot of behind the scenes marketing, connections, and provide editing and book covers. 
  • I have to say that when I made my decision, the books inside me gave a solid cheer. They no longer have to fit into parameters set by publishers. They can be the length they want to be. They are free to be written as they are meant to be.
Am I against the traditional route of publication?  NO. I am all for the publishers, editors, and agents. I pray that they continue to do well. But the industry is changing and will not go back to what it has been in the past.

What are the cons to going Indie? Book not in bookstores, have to either do or pay for your editing and book covers. Marketing is all yours. Indie authors can be looked at as somewhat of a black sheep in the publishing industry. (Have to admit that one appeals to the patriot-pioneer-entrepreneurial spirit in me.)

For those who are honing the craft of writing, are not afraid of the unknown, and desire freedom - go rogue. Look into Indie Publishing. These are new times for the publishing industry.

Liberty Belle - Indie Pub date  June 2012

I am excited. Hope you will give her a chance and a read.

Will let you know more about the Indie pub process as I discover and map the new frontier.

Blessings and Favor
Patricia PacJac Carroll