Thursday, August 16, 2012

Going Indie - don't whine.

Aw, Liberty Belle has had her first 5-day free session and is well pleased at the results.
So she is taking a few weeks of rest before her next promotion.
It's already started, but we'll talk more on that later. 

So what have I learned on my Indie adventure.

  • Watch the grammar. If possible hire an editor. While most have enjoyed Liberty Belle, a few have been put off by grammar glitches. Yes, I do engage in comma abuse. Am working on it. Found an online site - Grammarly which I hope will help me better my grammar skills.
  • Be gracious to all who comment and review.
  • I am excited by the reviews and thrilled that readers are enjoying the story.

Now for the point of this post.  DON'T whine.

Indie authors are often not eligible for contests, book fairs, writer groups, can't get books in bookstores etc. Why, you might ask? Well, in all honesty, there are Indie books that aren't quite ready for public consumption. But then again the readers are able to figure that out for themselves.

Don't whine.
What separates Indie Authors from the old self-published stigma is that Indie authors have made a choice. No longer are we publishing because there was no hope of getting published unless we paid the big bucks and filled our garage with self-pubbed books.

Now, Indie Publishing can be a first choice. For very little money, we can put our books on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and they can sit online with the traditionally published books. 

Be excited about your book. Market and promote where you can. 

But don't whine.

In time, things will shake out. Indie Authors will come together and sites will be formed where readers can get quality Indie books. This is a new frontier in publishing. 

Hold your heads up Indie Authors and don't back down. 
Hone your craft and put out the best books you can.


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  1. Great post, Patricia. The world of Indie publishing is exploding and you're right, will be seeing change in book publishing like we've never seen before.

    Congrats on your free book promotion. You're off and running!